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What are your thoughts on SpaceX’s Starlink?

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I'm think I might be mathematically illiterate?

Let me explain. I'm a junior majoring in pure mathematics, and I've realized that I've gone through the vast vast majority of my "high maths" courses using little to no notation. For the more advanced but still application-based classes (math methods for x, etc) of course i use the calculus and algebra and all that. But for the abstract, proofs-based kinda stuff, I use virtually no notation. I verbally reason through almost the entirety of my problems wherever possible, only using basic algebra on occassion. I manage to do well enough, but this is probably my biggest road block. What's wrong with me? Why's my formalism so shit? It feels like I missed a class where I was supposed to learn all this symbolic bullshit but never did
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Filth and health

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Scientifically speaking, is the Indian way of life a benefit or detriment to health?
Thinking immune conditioning vs sanitation concerns here
Do they have the right idea, or should they
>take the poo to the loo
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manaos strain prediction

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Hey guys, i know this might seem /x tier, but some anon was in here last year at the beggining of the pandemic saying something about how if the virus hit a certain population of bats in brasil it could turn much worse.
And now there's this supposed "manaos strain" which is more agresive and contagious.
What the fuck is happening here? does anyone remember that original post? what could he have been refering to?
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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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Dynetics edition
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ITT: We post what college degree we are taking
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Is there any actual scientific evidence that lockdowns work?
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/mg/ - maths general

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Pictures for brainlets edition
Talk maths
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>have to do a blood pressure test at the hospital
>the thing starts beeping because it's extremely high

any recent papers about actually effective ways to lower blood pressure in a healthy way?
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Based molecules ONLY
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