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How the fuck do I get good at this game! Do I have to buy a tablet. Mouse feels impossible.
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Now go
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PC city-building games

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Why are they so dead? Is it because of all the Travian-like games on phones being so profitable today?
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Is it just me or do old JRPGs age Better than old WRPGs.
JRPGs are more about mechanics and being tongue in cheek light hearted stories while still having good core gameplay with replayability, while TES Baldurs Fallout etc is clunky and dialogue-heavy.
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Video games suck

>pay 300 dollars for this
>dont enjoy it at all
>play it for a month
>every time I get on I just slide out of control for half an hour hurt my knee and scream at my tv
>put it in the closet

There is nothing more to life besides laying around in bed and wanting to die
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What do you do when you hear a gamer girl
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name some good live action movie/tv based on video games
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>Street Fighter II - 14.05M
>Monster Hunter World - 12.4M
>Resident Evil 5 - 11.2M
>Street Fighter IV - 9M
>Resident Evil 6 - 9M
>Monster Hunter 4 - 8.3M
>Monster Hunter Generations - 7.4M
>Resident Evil 4 - 7.3M
>Resident Evil 7 - 6.4M
>Monster Hunter Freedom 2 - 6.2M

Oops, guess you guys are retards and don't know what people want

Imagine being an RE4 fan
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