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Look like the Resetards are on the rag again

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This time their going after the dead of Ion fury because one of the devs are openly anti SJW.

OP first tried to get the fans up in arms on the game’s forum.

When they told them to fuck off, they went to Resetera to seek help from their army of perpetually offended crybabies.

Now someone over at 3DRealms is apparently “getting ready to make a statement”

How much longer are we going to let this collective of non-entities fuck with the medium like this?
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I heard this game was released in an unfinished state, is that true?
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Has the new 2-2-2 rule officially killed it?
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Are you excited, /v/?
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Touhou Thread

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So, are you the Wily Beast? Or the Weakest Creature?
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Waifu Thread? Waifu Thread.

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Claim her now before someone else does
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>um... actually anon, I AM getting into smash!
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