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Well, /v/?
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Is this game any good? What is the best JoJo game overall?
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Remnant: From the Ashes

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Is it worth preordering? I watched a youtube review and it looks very promising.
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Name a single flaw in Final Fantasy VI, pro tip: You cannot
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What are your top 3 favorite PC games and why?
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Daily reminder that Bethesda could have implemented a dual wielding feature into fallout 4 and it would have made the game infinitely better
>dual wield pistols and submachine guns at the cost of reduced accuracy and slower reload times
>higher strength gives access to a perk that allows you to dual wield larger guns under a certain weight capacity
>max rank of the perk allows for dual wielding non-bolt action rifles at the cost of greatly reduced accuracy and recoil control
>power armor could allow you to dual wield rifles, miniguns, gatling lasers, and automatic shotguns
Why does Bethesda never get anything right? Why do they only implement the shittiest, most worthless mechanics into the game, instead of adding actually cool shit into their setting? They are making a sandwich but they are leaving all the good shit out.
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best football game ever

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in your opionion, what's the best football/soccer game ever created? f+ck graphics, we talk about a real simulator here... i have played every fifa, every pes and for me this one is the best : Wining Eleven 9
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>Custom character shows up in a cutscene
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