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Why aren't you playing a Japanese game?
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The Ezio Collection

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People say Ezio games are AC at it's best, should I buy it?It's pretty cheap on PS store and the only Ezio game I played is II a long time ago.I
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why western devs do this???
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PS3 emulator already runs Last of Us at console FPS

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Hi Snoy friends, what do you feel?
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Are fighting games dying?
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>Ability is so broken that it cuts the metagame in two
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What class will make my dick wet like DRK double weave opener?
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It's real. (MGS5 new edition details)

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>"Our heaven is blood soaked, brought up by thousands of corpses. Our harps, assault rifles. Our angels, killers of woman and children. Our God, death. We have no country, no ideology, no reason to fight. We will kill, maim, rape, and defile for our heaven. We do it...because we love it. She choose to abandon us, to leave behind her gun, and join the rest of those...parasites. Whore."
>Most of the leak before was true.
>Announcement 8/19/2019
>Ground Zeroes integration, with some adjustments. Including a new cutscene that depicts the crash.
>Tentative title is indeed Demon Edition, but that may change. Known internally as Project Bloody Angel.
>Repurposes all of PH and GZ assets with new context, gameplay elements, and story elements. Three hours of new cutscenes and basically a completely different story.
>Richard Doyle voices Big Boss, who goes by the codename Saladin most of the time now. Far darker character. One scene has him getting off to torturing a POW with Ocelot. He's alot more aged, coma lasted 11 years in the new rendition.
>December is the planned release date that may change.
>Ocelot is back to being a sadist, voiced by Josh Keaton. He's Big Boss's number two.
>Kaz is more of a trainer instead of BB's second, but still has the same personality. Very resentful and jealous of BB throughout the game.
>Skullface is no longer real, it's Zero using hypnotherapy to change his appearance and voice to torment Big Boss.
>The Quiet thing is legit, she's no longer really a character, but a nameless assassin, her buddy role has been taken over by Albatross.
>New gameplay elements include dynamic warzones (in which you can befriend Taliban and Angola rebel groups, for special sideops and rewardsm and the open world is filled with random events like mass executions of civillians and battles), fully realized battle gear, new buddies (two, Red/Chico and Eli), deploying squads of Diamond Dog soldiers to support you, fielding Child Soldier units, and more.
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>He will roll the most meta, serious-tier classes because he plays the children's video game to be the best and not to have fun.
What's the virgin loser's name?
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