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Is this game _fun?
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What are you're hopes for the Xenoblade X sequel or remaster?
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An actual .hack MMORPG?

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An actual .hack MMORPG?

what do you think?
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7th Stand User

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So I got my previous run up to the end and tested out the chaos mode demo (!gAli3AYI!0JbypdaeSo2VysPNpWyhMxpT2Gra1atJ7smRwUz7-Ik) and I want to mention a few things
1: When you're prompted to write stuff, the character limit is still 10, so it would be impossible to do the "DON'TREADIT" ending, unless the bizarre memo has 11 spaces and chaosanon already did something about that
2: When I got the "orphaned with sister" "family", after I left the sister's room to see if it was different, since you can't even go in the parents' room, and the game crashed
3: The girl in the park still has untranslated text after you creep her out
4: What can you do with the gifts you get from the "ripple warriors" family? I tried equipping them and they didn't show up
5: What does Wild Wildhearts do? Does it just refuse to listen to you? All it did was look away from me and not do anything
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>it's a saturday
>not a single video game to play
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TWEWY thread
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Games with this aesthetic?
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