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Imagine you are working on a game and could hire literally anyone to be your character designer
Which artist would you hire?
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Bearer of the Curse...
Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls...
Seek the King. That is the only way.
Lest this land swallow you whole, as it has done so many others...
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What do you think of the Draph race from the video game Granblue Fantasy?
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How is it that with all the hype and budget that Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV had that Nier Automata still managed to be better than both combined?
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Have you played any real time strategy games lately?

Do you ever play any online multiplayer? What games?
Are you looking for people to play with?

Are you looking forward to an upcoming RTS game?
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Pirate Warriors 4 info straight out of Jump
>Huge focus on Whole Cake Island probably a retelling
>Giants playable first one revealed being Big Mom
>Sanji looks miserable which means Pudding is there
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How integrated is the Horde and Alliance going to get at the current rate? We see lots of ever race in dumb Orc/Human armor at this point and now most races can be non lore friendly classes.
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