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/vip/ is a 4chan Pass community.

The moderators in this community have set it to 4chan Pass members only. You must upgrade to a 4chan Pass membership to continue.
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Wrong Turn

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"Wrong Turn" the country
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The KPOP girl of the day

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Today's girl is Sejeong https://youtu.be/qmV2yjyEJxA
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pls pots on [s4s]
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How do I permanently make it so 'since4pass' is put into the options field? is it a browser thing?
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High-functioning Zombies

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Hear me out on this.
Now I have heard commoners referred to as sheep or NPC's to explain away their odd behavior, but that doesn't quite fit does it?
The people around us can more accurately be described by the term 'High-functioning Zombies,'
which is really what they are if you think about it.
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Video game reality

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Is the reality we are living in actually some type of video game?
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What does /vip/ like most about Suwako?
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Keiki Thread

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Every once a day, I'll post one image of Haniyasushin Keiki.
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